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Looking for the best golf equipment?

You know that the best golf equipment can help improve your game. But every company claims to have the best golf equipment. How do you know which ones really…
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  • TheHopsGaming 5 years ago

    that is a sexy iron mate ( british accent )

  • Onionz007 5 years ago

    Hi, names Erik. Just bought a full set of amp clubs more because of price point and feel than for marketing. You’re videos and opinions have been helping me make an educated choice. I cracked a large bucket of balls with at the driving range.( hit a 4,6, driver ). I was hitting fairly consistently, they felt good for me, I found the driver strike noise to be a bit loud, but at my price point I’m not complaining… They performed well.

  • BISHOP ISAAC ROSADO 5 years ago

    Mike thanks for the great review because of it I bought them and love them! Hoping by the middle of next year to get into amp cell pro iron blades when I get better enough! Thanks bro!

  • bautista alonso 5 years ago

    mike could you possibly make a review on the AMP FORGED irons? im looking foward to buy them but not a 100% sure. THANKS A LOT !! greets from Argentina

  • Ben Kohut 5 years ago

    i think that these would be perfect for the high school golfer like myself

  • Nik Mathai 5 years ago

    looking at buying these irons. i play of 19 but i hit the ball sweetly most of the time. wat do u reckon??

  • snowman2bandit 5 years ago

    just got mine today, the 7 iron and down flies right off the face with tremendous speed and added distance, while the 8 and up have a dampened and controlled feel. Love these and were a huge improvement from my old set

  • Amit Chandrika 5 years ago

    I Jus got my cobra amp irons, and they are great clubs, the look if it was what got me sold because I love Orange, and on top if that, cobras are in the same ball park as many other top brand names in golf, so I made an executive decision and got them, and I gotta say, for only going to the range once with these iron so far, I saw a massive increase in my distance, feel, comfort, direction, and look of the irons compared to my extremely old set I’ve been using for about 9 years now, great clubs

  • Patrick Purser 5 years ago

    In my opinion the orange looks amazing in every way I don’t know why everybody hates it

  • David Oh 5 years ago

    I keep hearing “traditional looking” or “traditional” this and that. What the hell are these people talking about. I wonder how many of these guys drive a car that looks “traditional”. I think these guys want to drive cars that look like model Ts. Idiots. The only thing matters is “does it get the ball in the hole with less strokes”. Nothing else matters.

  • john doyle 5 years ago

    do you ever lose your swing?i am now 65 but i keep fit. 12 handicap but now and again i lose it with the the irons ,last time it took me 8 weeks to come back,had to play all woods except p/w,and leave the irons alone,really hurts, what does somebody as good as you do when it goes wrong,it drives me mad. thanks jon.

  • the49032 5 years ago

    Learn how to hit straight then the grip will line up

  • papichulo2911980 5 years ago

    Tried the amps and Taylor made RBZ..loved both but hit straighter with amps..anyone tried the new amp cell irons? They would’ve matched my blue amp cell driver, wood n hybrid. .which hit like heaven

  • Benjamin Crammond 5 years ago

    Hey Mark I have tried this club at my local shop and on the flight tracker im getting a couple more degrees in loft and also getting about an extra 10-15% extra distance as well. It has a good feel.

  • Plecken 5 years ago

    Hello Mark. Love the videos. I play the Cobra AMP irons. I started playing golf this year and is now at 17 hcp. I like the amp alot and it feels like a good club for my current situation. Greetings from Sweden.

  • Casey Woodard 5 years ago

    @4golfonline, I love your vids and have learned alot from your weekly swing fix. I am looking at these clubs and the Adams Cb3’s. Would you please do a comparison including distance.

  • Dominic Chong 5 years ago

    I don’t mind the orange. IT LOOKS QUITE NI!ICE!

  • Yug R. Bugr 5 years ago

    Quit trying to be funny and give us the dope on the clubs without acting dopey pleeeeeze!

  • Jay Smooth 5 years ago

    I am a steadily improving golfer. I am currently a 5 HC. I plan on updating my irons this off season and am seriously looking at these AMPs. Mark, you mention these clubs offer more loft, my concern is that I already hit the ball very high with good carry distance and I wouldn’t think more launch would be good for my game. Should I consider these clubs or move on? Thanks

  • Todd Elledge 5 years ago

    stronger than all standard clubs. 7 iron carry around 185-190. They also felt amazing on flush hits and offered a decent amount of forgiveness. Could easily shape the ball with these clubs. Long story short, I put my order in after I left the range, Ill be picking them up soon.

  • Todd Elledge 5 years ago

    I am currently in the market for a new set of irons. I was originally leaning towards the 712CBs (i loved them) but after some unexpected expenditures my price range feel. I then began looking at clubs that offered a somewhat classical head shape with a thin top line (this is hard to find in this price range) . I finally got out to the range and was able to test the AMP irons, along with others but the AMPs were by far the best performing. These clubs are extremely long, given that they are 4*

  • Alex Olson 5 years ago

    Cobra made a new numbering system with these irons. There is no three the four is the three, the five a four and so on.

  • Taylor Rice 5 years ago

    I believe you, just saying.

  • Taylor Rice 5 years ago

    I work at a golf store, and we beat balls in the simulator all day because the store is usually dead. You can hit these amps 180-185..
    The damn clubs are 4 degrees strong, and 8 iron is really around closer to a light 6 or full 7. So yes, it’s very possible with these clubs. Picture this..
    The PW is 44 degrees. Just keep subtracting 4 degrees with every club and there you go. That’s where the distance is coming from. Plus AMP stands for advanced material placement. So it’s a good club. (: (: (:

  • zachary123 5 years ago

    pwema lol haha nice videos tho mark