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My first swing time in golf driving range.




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  • BLIND TEMPA 5 years ago

    Shut the fuck up you little shit bag and show some respect.

  • Elias Grout 5 years ago

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  • Fnfcnjdhjg 5 years ago

    You are not doing to be accurate

  • Fnfcnjdhjg 5 years ago

    Yeah you need to stop slicing the ball

  • Max Gale 5 years ago

    i know this was posted in 2007 but im commenting in 2013 and your probably very good by now but just keep slicing and dicing those balls and you will be great in no time!!

  • Lee2k4 5 years ago

    Slice, Slice, Slice, still good for your first go :)

  • spazzy MGee 5 years ago

    better than my first time lol but go through the ball to stop causing the slice and you will be fine :)

  • kurt ford 5 years ago

    I started playing golf yesterday first time ever and I am doing the exact same thing he is doing hitting it wide and very low and missing it but I do get some lucky shots, it’s all about practice, everyone starts from the bottom

  • Riley Miller 5 years ago

    You suck baddddd

  • ali h 5 years ago

    lets be real, you were shit when you first started playing.

  • Tyko Tuohimaa 5 years ago

    well im 3 and i hit my SW 300 yards

  • ccfcrule 5 years ago

    at least you hit the ball your first time i was missing it all over the place, the people who are saying youre crap and theyre younger than you and better are posh little cunts whos daddys bought them a full set when they were young at their friends country club, if you enjoy it keep at it

  • farrel muhammad 5 years ago

    I bet you, your first time hitting the ball wasnt as good as him…

  • Chris Clinton 5 years ago

    I think it’s the same problem as me ur pointing the the club up in the air, pull the club around ur body it will feel like a baseball swing bit higher hope it helps

  • CurtF94 5 years ago

    @ 3:10 the person on the left got it over the fence

  • 19mrtechman 5 years ago

    You forgot to mention that you’re a faggot :)

  • kingkongismybitch 5 years ago

    if you learn to hit straight the height and distance will come

  • foolongtea 5 years ago

    Close your wrists on contact and try to keep your hands in front of the ball on contact. Keep it up it will come fast with practice and technique.

  • IH0useMDI 5 years ago

    keep at it :)

  • pichette123456789 5 years ago

    Keep your legs shoulder width apart. Then do a practice swing before each shot. Finally, get a lil bit closer to the ball.

  • steven warner 5 years ago

    Makes me want to cry

  • PingGolfer59 5 years ago

    Not bad for a beginner

  • peanut1327 5 years ago

    Here’s a problem I have sometimes I just think about it to much

  • Vilho Eloranta 5 years ago

    Merry christmas, mate!!

  • Anthony Ronzitti 5 years ago

    Good first time. I was a little different it was weird but my first swing where very solid and straight . 7 months later I shoot a 104 for 18 holes on a challenging course