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Surprise, surprise! Here it is everyone!! XD 😀 I promised I’d upload the video of our real-life backyard golf course and here it is!! The course is about 10…
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  • ColoradoContraptions 3 years ago

    As I promised, here is the fantabulous golf course video! 😉 😀 XD

  • Thomas Carey 3 years ago

    That’s great!

  • ethan demelo 3 years ago

    for the windmill u should add another motor :)

  • MasterWort117 _ 3 years ago

    Who won?

  • Charlotte Redden 3 years ago

    @ColorandoContraptions can you upload songs please

  • MasterWort117 _ 3 years ago

    On the holes with the smaller holes in them, hammer the area around them to
    make a small dip. This should make it a little easier.

  • MasterWort117 _ 3 years ago

    Finally! Oh and first if anyone cares.

  • MasterWort117 _ 3 years ago

    I remember helping build this. Never got past hole 8 :(