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Pete Styles : Golf Set Up - Distance To The Ball

Pete Styles shows you how to determine the correct distance to the golf ball as you set up with each club. For a complete step-by-step video guide to the per…




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  • Pete Styles 5 years ago

    I would agree that some tour players don’t practice this tip (many do) but they tend to be very aggressive and quick to clear their hips and legs in the down swing, therefore creating more space for their hands coming into impact. This drill works for thousands of golfers and done correctly should have a positive impact on most peoples games. Pete

  • Graham Dowdell 5 years ago

    I have had alook at every Tour player available and this does not apply to one of them,if anyone wants to correct me ,lead me to some pictures of them.If I did this I would be so bent over that I could not swing a club…?????

  • ATomb212 5 years ago

    This is absolutely correct and awesome advice. To sum it up and simplify the whole thing into one phrase, I would say: Always make sure the but of the club is placed directly over your toes!

  • mallrat11 5 years ago

    this is great advice, but can’t be used for everyone given everyones legs and torso are all different. I’m 5’7 as well and when i do it one inch above the knee, my arms are so far outstretched I have a one plane swing like mo norman.

  • scott donnachie 5 years ago

    great advice peter and very simply put cheers mate

  • pstyles48 5 years ago

    i’m glad your clubs are well fitted for you, when you set up the one inch position above the knee is designed to make sure you are standing the correct distance from the ball, so it sounds like you are too close currently, try moving further back until the club sits just above your knee, it will feel like you are stretching at first but works, trust me!!

  • badgolfer997 5 years ago

    My clubs have been cut fitted, and I doubled checked the length on the chart. When I setup like the above video as I always do it still sits higher than an inch or two above knee. Maybe I just have short legs and longer torso.

  • ramizs76 5 years ago

    I’m 5.8 and this works great.. Just started golfing and my hits were either landing too short (hitting the grass few inches behind the ball) or completely missing the ball.. I went out on the range yesterday, and had 18 consecutive proper hits by following this technique..

    Thanks for the tip :-)

  • pstyles48 5 years ago

    badgolfer997 why not? unless your clubs are are badly fitted this works for everybody even small junior players.

  • badgolfer997 5 years ago

    Works for tall people. Does not work for a person like me who 5’7″

  • Ryan Dorn 5 years ago

    Great tip and perfectly correct. Thanks.

  • Jono Placebo 5 years ago

    Thanks. Very helpful.