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  • John Malihi 5 years ago

    I agree with the comment above, any head coaching video, I always hit a nice drive down the middle of the fairway 210-240M to be followed up by a duffed shot or a bad choince of approach to the green and sometimes 2-3 put to finish with a 5 or 6 on a par 4, very very frustrating.

  • jeret001 5 years ago

    drooling…ahhh new clubs…

  • TXchadTX 5 years ago

    Ping is really putting out some great stuff…..i’m almost considering buying a second set cuz of these things

  • garyupti 5 years ago

    Tested them and impressed….penetrating ball flight but nice height….want to go straight…great feel and look…only drawback was the penetration of my wallet… $1500??

  • darbo1983 5 years ago

    i’d recommend getting a fitting, but not know which clubs your hitting. I got one when i got down to 10 with the same aim as you and was a bit of a taylormade man, but the guy said to be impartial and obviously choose the best ones for you with no bias. i ended up with ping i20 (and i really didn’t ever like the look of any ping stuff), and I’m off 6 now. hope it goes well

  • RezmxH 5 years ago

    Isnt he a Pro at a golf shop :L So he uses the demos and stuff?

  • crcumsizedPANDA 5 years ago

    this guy is absolutely amazing

  • bikemaster300 5 years ago

    Can you review the burner 3.0’s

  • failandprevail 5 years ago

    I had a chance to hit them, they were very nice. If they weren’t $1500, I definitely would have gotten them.

  • dustinjohnsonfan77 5 years ago

    you should do a i20 vs anser irons

  • Ben Steele 5 years ago

    Fantastic clubs, but for those of us who don’t drive a Mercedes S-Class, we should find a cheaper club

  • Ruben de Klerk 5 years ago

    shud give the titleist cb’s a try

  • CallumElliottPGAUK 5 years ago

    lovely club

  • froghappy12 5 years ago

    Which would be the best for a 10 handicap who is rapidly improving? The NIke VR Pro Combos, Mizuno MP59, or the Titleist AP2?

  • chadeddie 5 years ago

    Think that is probably something you should learn yourself

  • jscottrose 5 years ago

    Mark provides the best equipment reviews on the web…you want “coaching” mate, open your wallet.

  • Sword ofDobar 5 years ago

    Mark I can’t work these irons out.

    In the past Ping used to say that even pros couldnt tell the difference between cast and forged. So why make a forged iron that fits the territory of the i20s?

    I know previously people said it was because the Asian market wanted a forged offering. I just can’t see why people would go for these as they are expensive. If I thought forging I’d think “Mizuno or Titleist” and not Ping.

    I’d like to see you review the i20s off against the Ansers please.

  • Peter B 5 years ago

    Can u teach us some mental stuff eg how to stay in control and how to manage your temper

  • noodynoodz 5 years ago

    Sweet vid. man

  • Arman Vaziri 5 years ago

    can you review the adams idea cmb irons and the cleveland 588 forged cb? Like so he can see…

  • itubeutude 5 years ago

    how much was the lesson?

  • swsinger 5 years ago

    They need the forged line for the asian market.

  • Paul Allen 5 years ago

    Nice. are his lessons that expensive?

  • zionlaw 5 years ago

    Very cool. I thought I heard in one of his videos he was sponsored by them, but knowing that little bit of information makes me appreciate him even more. Thanks for clarifying. Is he still playing that Nike driver?

  • MARKFLOOK 5 years ago

    He is not sponsored by anyone. He buys the majority of the clubs himself and gives straight forward honest feedback – Something that you just can’t do when you are a poster boy for certain brands.
    And if you wonder where I got my info – straight from his mouth when I was having a lesson with him two weeks ago.
    Impartial reviews require an impartial person – Mark is that person.