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Video Rating: 4 / 5

The short game is a very important part of the game. Learn how to choose the right equipment to have more success on the greens.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • majorsmythe1 5 years ago

    Love the “square look”, like 712 AP2 have.Dont know why more companies dont do that anymore. MP64 are ok, but no “Wow” factor in them. Last great set from Mizzy were the MP 32’s !!!!.

  • majorsmythe1 5 years ago

    PING all the way. At least some tour guys use them; while mizzy hardly has any tour players anymore.

  • afpelley 5 years ago

    I love my S56. Had them in the bag going on third year I believe. Reliable and bulletproof. Not much not to like about them.

  • Qland21 5 years ago

    im looking to buy the s56 too! Do you like them…

  • 23nunny 5 years ago

    Sorry Mark didn’t look at the 6 days ago vid

  • NineEyeRon 5 years ago

    Im a pingzuno man. Great review!

  • Lucas Mah 5 years ago

    adams clubs please

  • CazHattrick11 5 years ago


  • TheAntard 5 years ago

    Dear Mark,
    Im currently playing Taylor Made Driver and 3 Wood i need a hybrid and cant decide between 2011 Rescue,RBZ, and Burner 2.0 im a 18 handicapper any advice?

  • JIACIKx 5 years ago

    Hi mark, jus wondered if you could do another video or offer advice on the taylor made burner driver. Ever since i bought it i feel my drives have gotten worse, i slice a lot, i seem to get hardly any distance and i break a lot of tees every round. Thanks please help!

  • 9tube1 5 years ago

    Although I’ve owned Ping irons/woods in the past and feel that they make very good, high quality clubs. I bought my first Mizuno irons in 2002 and love them. First, I like the appearance of the small, rounded, chrome heads at address. Second, I have total confidence in the consistently soft feel from each iron. And last, the ball flight to my eye and true distance control are unbeatable.

  • afpelley 5 years ago

    I have owned several sets of Mizuno irons in the past…along with several sets of Ping. In testing the new offerings I did like the feel of the mizuno better, but the Ping feels very nice as well. I hit the ball roughly the same with both. The deciding factor for me, and its strictly personal, is that to me the toe on the Mizuno looks more round, and has a larger area on the toe past the grooves. I like a square toe and straight lines, which is why I bought the S56 with KBS Tour Shafts.

  • suntsu152 5 years ago

    Can you review Swing Science S800 vs Wishon or the Mizunos I’d like to hear your take on them

  • Shaun Glass 5 years ago

    Thanks for great video’s Mark.

    Question for you … how much does the age of a club have an effect on it’s performance over time. I am using the Titleist DCI 990 which are more than 10 years old. Refurbished recently grips etc.


  • MRXxXELMOxXx 5 years ago

    Been waiting for this vid going to get a new set of club’s and thinking of what to buy thank’s MARK!!!!

  • BennoSwe 5 years ago

    Hey Mark!
    In Sweden there is an ongoing discussion on whether manufacturers should provide the opportunity for players to buy individual irons and not only offer the entire set.
    Some Pros believe that a moderately golfers do not need the full set, and would do well with a half set and that it will build its set of wedges and upward. focusing on gapfitting.
    What is your opinion?
    Should manufacturers offer the option to choose the clubs you do not need to sell the whole set (P-i4)?
    Love the show!

  • Homer1234565 5 years ago

    Very nice aspect on branding. I got the S56 and when I got fitted I compared them up to other clubs, numbers were pretty identical but as I like the Ping brand I went with the S56.

  • Brendank987 5 years ago

    I would personally take club B

  • grumpy2159 5 years ago

    What if you like the look and feel of club A but the figures are much better with club B?

  • failandprevail 5 years ago

    I like them both tbh. The s56 was softer than what I expected and it did well for Ping on tour. The mp 64 is softer and looks slightly better imo.

  • 19essempee1 5 years ago

    Mizuno everyday for me Mark. I actually bought my set of MX-25 from American Golf for £100 and they are a fantastic set of clubs. A great classic look and superb soft feel. I shall always use Mizuno irons. Nothing else I have tried have come close to comparison.

    Great vids. Keep them coming.
    Simon, Cardiff.

  • Liu Eric 5 years ago

    Hi Mark, how about have a go with Bridgestone J40s? I thought it great and want to see how you like it!

  • jsrscbr 5 years ago

    64 all day! I love my Bridgestone CB irons but I may try out the 825 pros this season.

  • Jay Kay 5 years ago

    Hey Mark, for me, I went with the Mizuno MP-53 and I chose this club over the Titleist CB, Ping S56, and Anser, because of feel. I for sure thought I was going to get the CB, but after hitting the Mizuno on the sweet spot, it was game over for Titleist. The closest rival to the feel of the Mizuno was the Ping Anser, but it still wasn’t quite as soft and the price tag on it was ridiculous for something that performed worse for me than the S56.

  • kurt miller 5 years ago

    whats the difference between the S56 and the I20s?? i have I20’s and i love them! Mizuno was my second choice but i ultimately just fell in love with the I20’s

  • Bourne Accident 5 years ago

    Good tip about tailoring your wedges to what part of the country you live in. I notice a big difference when I go to Myrtle each year. I am from New England and I do use more bounce up here than down there.