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Ping s56 Taylormade R11 Irons

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  • elohimfetus 5 years ago

    The R11 iron is a beast! I love them! I’ve tried them many times in the store against everything and they win for me every time. Not going to pick them up because I own R9s, I’ll skip a generation or two before I buy more. I love the R9s, and the R11s are noticeably better, but not enough that I need to replace my R9s.

  • cman12ful 5 years ago

    Love reviews but please stop talking about taylormades marketing. It obviously works well

  • Homer1234565 5 years ago

    Just got a set of the S56 custom fit man I love the look of that club and it offers more forgiviness than a blade. Didn’t feel like it was balooning up like some of the “Game Improvment” Irons can for me it was a nice flight. According to the fitter got some nice numbers out of these clubs so which is nice! 😉

  • AdamScadAdam 5 years ago

    He always slates the r11 irons but seem to love them when hitting balls

  • Jennifer Moring 5 years ago

    Also, I am not a big taylormade fan but I tested these irons with a fitter and thought they would work great for where I was at in my game. Lastly, Mark…your review videos are the bomb! You really need a spot on the Golf Channel!

  • Jennifer Moring 5 years ago

    Picked up the R11’s to help with my swing transition. Wanted something with a little help but that didn’t look like a true game improvement iron. I am really happy with them but I am a 7.5 HC so I know, or hope, I’ll be replacing them with some MP model in a couple of years. I felt that these were more in between a players iron and a improvement iron than a true improvement iron especially beside the ball. The good price was the final factor for me. They play like Mark says!

  • DozzaDoran 5 years ago

    People always talk about TM’s marketing and they cop a lot of shit about it. People don’t buy golf gear untested. Yes, TM market heavily which lends them to be tried when purchasing new clubs. The fact that a lot of people walk out of the store with TM is because they are great and not because of marketing.

  • ckw4555 5 years ago

    He mark I have notice your not a taylomade fan. I do like the vid. Just need to know what the better irons.

  • CtwCtw94 5 years ago

    I have a set of Ping eye 2’s. Should I get a new set

  • Soonerball09 5 years ago

    Mark, You have a 3 wood off the deck video, but could you do a driver off the deck video? Always been intrigued by using a driver on the fairway.

  • Curtis Richards 5 years ago

    A little off topic, but any chance of a Wilson Ci9 Iron Review. I know they just switched from the FST to the TT Uniflex shafts, but Ive been eyeing these for the past few months. And nobody around here carries them for demo.

  • Alan Bonner 5 years ago

    Mark, I’m surprised you’ve put these two models up against one another. I play the S56’s now switching from TM Burner 1.0’s a while back as I needed a better players club through my swing improvement. They are great irons. I’ve looked at the R11’s in the pro shop and they remind me almost of my old Burner irons. They are more chunky than the Pings and I would say more of a game improver iron than better player. Great Vids and great App.

  • Shane Coogan 5 years ago

    hi mark.i bought the pings partly cause of your videos.great clubs.loads of spin with them.they havent the feel of forged irons (tm 300 series) but they do fly.if u have the clubhead speed and a bit of control they are very good.keep up the good work.the vids are great.

  • mrbluesky22 5 years ago

    mark, do you know what the uk retail is on these irons? Cheers bud

  • MrJhill76 5 years ago

    I love the video mark and your swing. could you do a video on the mp59 and the ping s56. I have hit the s56 but I did like the feel of the r11 iron

  • Tylerthegolfer 5 years ago

    Hey mark. Great vid as usual… Could u do a course vlog? just of a normal practice round… Cheers in advance