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Check out this video about L.O.F.T. GOLF and their quality golf apparel. These shirts are 100% polyester, anti-microbial, double stitched, moisture wicking, with UV sun protection Nothing is more embarrassing than lingering sweat marks on your shirt and residual odors after washing. With L.O.F.T. GOLF’s Shirts featuring LOFTech™, you will be wearing technologically advanced material.

While looking at our competitor’s products, we ask that you take the time to really study the construction of their product, ‘cause it makes a difference. Is the shirt you’re looking at made of 100% polyester, not a cotton/poly blend?

If you’ve worn a polyester shirt before, we’re sure you’re aware that, even if you look at a sharp object, your expensive shirt will snag, and that’s why we tested our very durable, tight mesh weave to limit the snags.

Most importantly, L.O.F.T. provides easy and affordable ways to place your logo on shirts. This means if you are putting on an event or tournament, L.O.F.T. is the perfect partner to create a high end gift for all golfers. Both Men and Women get a great looking, high quality golf shirt. You save money.

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