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Rainy Day Golf - What to Do - Myrtle Beach SC Golf Vacations - Fantasy Golf Challenge What to do when it’s raining, or snowing and you can’t play golf. Well there are lots of options but here are two I would choose based on the story I share below. This video was inspired because we were going to play golf today in North Myrtle Beach SC and it rained hard enough that we decided tomorrow was another day. One of the perks of living here. I thought what could we do if we lived somewhere where this was the norm and it was either too cold, or wet or for some other reason you can’t play golf. Why not challenge some buddies to see who picks the best foursome or challenge your kids, spouse or partner. Now you have something personal to root for? May the best fantasy golf player win. We created a new fantasy golf challenge based on the top PGA tournaments. You can win prizes including 0 gift certificates.

There’s always a way to make the game of golf more fun and we hope this is one of them. Share it with your facebook friends, challenge your golf buddies on linkedin or see who thinks they can kick you butt on twitter. I’m Happy Today. Of course we know some of you may be coming to Myrtle Beach on vacation and if golf is the main reason or just part of the vacation we invite you to check out our Golf vacations and specials at or call us at 843-420-1046.

Tidewater Golf Vacations
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Tidewater Golf Club
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