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Whats in the bag of Rory Mcilroy after his switch from Titleist to NIke golf. can he compete with tiger woods and win majors each year with nike-we will see….

iPhone App Taylormade MC TP Mizuno MP59 Irons tested against each other by Mark Cr…
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  • mrsebbe1000 5 years ago

    He seems a bit uncomfortable

  • chris macdonald 5 years ago

    Hahaha its red. As soon as i hit i knew i wouldnt’t be # 1 in the world anymore

  • MrYoshicat 5 years ago

    He likes it  ” it’s red ” but the drives he hit with in Dubai put his scorecard in the ” black “

  • Allan Butler 5 years ago

    Blowen away i bet you were Rory… About $250,000,000 blowen away!

  • Luke White 5 years ago

    Rory is my idol!

  • RogersFitness 5 years ago

    We have a whole golf section coming up in our videos where i will be giving instruction, equipment reviews, hotel and holiday reviews, swing tips, betting tips, everything golf so please subscribe and these will be coming in next month-+3 handicap turning pro this year also follow my journey of what it takes to be a pro.

  • johnbean09 5 years ago

    Aesthetics are not important it’s all about feel and control with irons I had the mizuno mp59s there quality club but for a low handicap golfer, I play off 12 and the taylormade just give me a better feel, a better strike and more distance. But that’s just me

  • wwwGolferencecom 5 years ago

    Great video. The MP-59 tends to attract the lower handicap player who likes some assistance. The ability to move the ball left-right and right-left for both clubs is great.

  • Leo2000 5 years ago

    ever had one of the TP irons in your hands ? there is nothin` gimmicky on it. just some nice forged clubs with a classic look.
    you´re right when we are talking about drivers but these irons are for players and not for fashion victims 😉

  • cgasucks 5 years ago

    “Mizuno I trust them…..Taylormade…still learning to trust them..” Hehh hehh…

  • tomvk77 5 years ago

    Mark you should do an ask mark a question in your app, would be handy.

  • tomvk77 5 years ago

    You can tell a lot about mizuno but the make the best forged irons off all. I don’t think it’s the simplicity mizuno is after, it’s the looks off the clubs that make you say that, verry traditional lines, but sharp. I always was a Taylormade fan and i used the 08′ tour preferred irons with pleasure. Right now the irons are not it for me so i hit mp 59 now. I used to have that on the driver could not hit them well, now i have r11 woods and i nail them.

  • Scott Adams 5 years ago

    love the mp59s

  • mesimesime 5 years ago

    I think appearance has a lot to do with performance. I want to be looking down at a club that I feel confident with prior to hitting a ball. Mental game is vital. More info regarding ball flights, distances etc would be appreciated and this is probably where the review is lacking a bit.

  • syllybaby 5 years ago

    i just got a set of Mp59 today!

  • Shane Milner 5 years ago

    Taylormade is too gimmicky for me. 

  • friendofronaldo7 5 years ago

    Mizuno is some japanese crap!!

  • friendofronaldo7 5 years ago

    I totally agree with you!!!!

  • jv2489 5 years ago

    This is the last video I’ll watch of yours. Your reasoning for picking one club over another has so little to do with performance.

  • tuomas seppälä 5 years ago

    I had their best looking Mizuno blades (mp-32) Then I choosed between TM MC and Wilson Fgtours. Mizunos looks chunky nowadays. The muscle behind the face is ridiculously big as in the pure blade model design. Also mp53 is looking very odd behind. mp52 was much nicer looking. Overall not cool any more these Japan models.

  • Barringtonjames12 5 years ago

    Im playing off an 8, and i was deciding between these two clubs for my irons set this year, i ordered the mp 59’s 1/2 long, one degree upright, project x 6.5 shafts (i play in the prairie of canada its really windy) with gp new decade mid sized grips. cannot wait to unbox them, so much more feel than the mc’s

  • bulldog7968 5 years ago

    Im about a 10 handicap and am somehow able to hit blades and musclebacks very, well i have tried the mc and was very impressed but then again i am a taylor made fan, i would like to try the 59 also because i am also a mizuno iron fan but once it comes down to it i would pick which ever one felt and looked better to me my taylor made bias does not run deep enough inorder for me to get irons that i dont hit as well or like the look better. Always enjoy the videos keep them coming.

  • wilsonsj02 5 years ago

    Recently custom fitted for mp59’s with project x 6 shaft. Tried the taylormade mc’s and titleist ap2 but the cleaner look thin top line & the forgiveness was fantastic. I am a 13 handicap with a swing speed of 96mph & these have helped in terms of consistent yardage with excellent feel compared with the game improvement irons. I recommend the custom fitting and dont be put off by who they are aimed at, they do have some forgiveness although i agree with madongolf you have to hit them not scoop

  • madongolf 5 years ago

    Fitted for MP59 about 4 weeks ago and they are awesome! I play off 9 but I’m already shooting mid 70’s with these. The confidence I get at address is superb, the bladed look is great, and the sound it makes is fantastic. These clubs will not allow any scoops/wrist flips etc and they will punish you for this, so please take note of this if your buying off shelf.

  • heynowable 5 years ago

    58s vs 59s?

  • spennyshot44 5 years ago

    I was fitted for irons today and it came down to these two models (I hadn’t seen this video yet, either)! I ended up going with the 59’s mostly because I would rather have Mizuno’s. I think your comment was perfect when you said that you’re still learning to trust TM. In my opinion, Mizuno spends more energy towards making quality clubs as less energy towards marketing. Don’t get me wrong, the MC’s still seemed like great clubs… but in the end, I felt like the 59s were the right clubs for me.

  • Daniel Gordon 5 years ago

    I’m a Taylormade guy I’ve got the MC’s and I love them. I have hit the 59 before and loved it as well. Honestly I think I would rather have the 59’s. They feel a bit better to me and I agree with Mark. The looks of the 59 are just without a doubt beyond that of the MC’s.

  • ivandaniel08 5 years ago

    Im a 11 handicapper and had a little hard times with the long irons on the 62s, so I changed to the 53s for that reason. So, I do agree with you.

  • MrWiggy59 5 years ago

    MP59 vs MP53?

  • paulminiter 5 years ago

    replacing my MP62s with the 59s
    both fabulous

    shame you can’t still buy the 62s new!

    but the 59s are fabulous and I think a little stronger ..

    Bought the 53s last year.. not a nice as the 62s by any means… just not a soft and sweet out of the middle

    all great though aren’t they

  • kyle4lawclk 5 years ago

    Yes it is just you. mp-59’s harmonic impact testing spec out better than the mp-33s, the mp-60s, and the mp-62s.