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San Diego golf instructor, Mike Wydra (, out of La Jolla, CA, shows you a special drill to perfect your backswing and downswing – Swinging too far to the right is the single most prevalent mistake among good players. Learn what kind of bad shots are caused by this flaw and how to correct them. Use a simple practice device to train your body what it feels like to swing “down the line”.

Mike Wydra is a renowned NCAA Hall of Fame Golf Coach of 34 years at UCSD. With over 40 years of teaching golf lessons in San Diego, he has worked with all types of skill levels from the absolute beginner to PGA professionals. Specializing in individual golf lessons, 18-hole playing lessons, group golf lessons and custom golf schools, there is no one in San Diego who knows golf better than Mike Wydra.

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“Golf is the greatest challenge in all of sport, a combination of mental and physical, athletic and artistic. I want to share my passion and help my students improve so they can enjoy the game of a lifetime.” – Mike Wydra

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