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1 hole “Golf Course Vlog” at Woods Valley on #15. Golf TIp…
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Lower Your Score


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  • TXchadTX 3 years ago

    This is why it’s important to warm up before a round. You see what your
    tendencies are for that day and adjust your “feels” to balance out those
    tendencies for that day. 

  • kdizzy333 3 years ago

    Unrelated random question: What would happen if Phil or Adam or any player
    walked up to the first tee Thursday morning of a tournament wearing shorts?
    Would they let them play? Fine them? 

  • ldm182 3 years ago

    steppin the game up with the video game. keep em comin

  • Hudson Harris 3 years ago

    Thanks for all u do gabe I practice and play with your tips every day at
    the course over 5 hours putting the practice in I did not know golf until
    11 months ago my friends were trying it and I did I fell in love with the
    game I went from starting out as like a 40 handicapper and now I’m scratch

  • Sam Manning 3 years ago

    can you make more course vlogs

  • Junior SwingTV 3 years ago

    I just uploaded a vid! Can u guys please go watch! I would really
    appreciate it! Many more to come! Thanks!! :)

  • JTuckBBoy 3 years ago

    Hey gabe
    Im 15 and a 1 handicap (avg. 74) i have shot under par twice but never
    broken 70. I hit around 10 greens, 8 fairways, and i can do 26-33 putts a
    round. More importantly i can feel like i can go under every time i go out
    to play but i just doesnt happen. Any advice?
    Ps if u need a visual i have a draw and swing like rory

  • Jay Davis 3 years ago

    I changed my swing recently and have been a lot more consistent with path
    and plane. When I see those rare shot shape changes, I usually just alter
    the ball position. Is that wrong?

  • Lloyd Christmas 3 years ago

    Easily my biggest problem. Started out as an over topper and have worked
    several years to have an inside to out. Days it is not working I continued
    to try and do it and it only mad things worse. #1 rule my pro tells me is
    play with what you have that day. Has finally sunk in this year (although I
    forget sometimes) and has taken almost 7 strokes off my HC. Close to
    single digit now.

  • Felix Staben 3 years ago

    great vid gabe !!!

  • paul conlon 3 years ago

    Hi Gabe, what was your plan before you hit both pulls?
    Were you just playing a little cut and shut the face a hair or what. I ask
    because I’m wondering how different your feelings can be vs reality.
    Thanks, peace back bro.

  • ant john 3 years ago

    I haven’t got a range on my course or practise area? I play off 2 but my
    short game is poor as I can’t practise! What could I do to improve do u
    think? Not allowed to hit lots on the course? 

  • robocop30301 3 years ago

    Hey Gabe, how about a few slo-mo shots of your swing with a little
    explanation of what your doing. Great work as always! 

  • Ben H 3 years ago

    Great video Gabe, you’ve really helped my golf game just wondering what
    type of belt you’re wearing. 

  • Micah Rubinstein 3 years ago

    Love these tips. you helped my game and my friends game. Great job!

  • boriesje 3 years ago

    I was wondering which handicap you have. And what would you score on the
    easy european Courses just make a guess is fine. Sorry for bad english.

  • aldolinares01 3 years ago

    Agree 100%.. Great tips! Keep doing a good job bro! 

  • KMTourDriven 3 years ago

    great tip!! I’ve got similar videos on my channel. Check it out guys!

  • Innovation Remix 3 years ago

    Great tip! Name on the song?

  • CraZeYT 3 years ago

    first good vid

  • sburkeyboy 3 years ago

    I just downloaded the tunes you’ve Ben using on your vids and played them
    on my headphones whilst practicing. Gotta say I had an amazing session, my
    tempo was almost as smooth as yours 😉
    I can get pretty quick with my swing but today it was silky!
    Keep up the GREAT work and also keep introducing us to good music. 

  • TheLetterSeeTV 3 years ago

    Hey Gabe I tried this today on the course and it didn’t seem to work for
    me. I was drawing the ball so I then aimed my shots a little right to play
    the draw but I would end up hitting them straight. So the next hole I would
    aim straight and I would draw it again. This kept happening all day. I
    couldn’t figure it out. Any ideas?

  • fribban 3 years ago

    Love these kinds of videos! Keep up the good work Gabe :)