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This video was taken during the second round of the 2013 Kansas City Wide Open at Rosedale Park in Kansas City, KS on holes seven and eighteen.

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  • Joel Tempongko 3 years ago

    Catrina Allen digging deep on her back end and just exploded right after
    the disc passed a cross her chest line. 

  • Alix Taylor 3 years ago

    Everyone turns on their heel.

  • Kevin "The Velvet Hammer" Veltre 3 years ago

    It’s a remix of knights of cydonia

  • Russell McKown 3 years ago


  • MyOpinionMatterss 3 years ago

    Great vid but that screeching noise was unbearable. 

  • Steven Ahern 3 years ago

    Pressed mute at :02. Nice video

  • dr_atomic 3 years ago

    instant mute

  • George Brown 3 years ago

    How long was this hole? Was it pretty much wide open?

  • Patrik Nilsson 3 years ago

    name the song

  • Joseph Arenas 3 years ago

    Cool video

  • Phil McWain 3 years ago

    Who is the dude after Doss in the pink shirt 

  • kayjo0925 3 years ago

    Good video. Thanks for sharing it!

  • Corey B 3 years ago

    all drives were pretty textbook standard.. Paul, will, nico, feldberg,
    doss, and paige, BUT…….Sarah Hokom owned this video with her sick
    forehand(sidearm) drive. she must have been listening to ying yang twins –
    GET LOW!!

  • Chris Davies 3 years ago

    Sweeeet! Thank you. Slow Mo is the way to work on your own throw. 220 FPS
    really lets you get a good look at what you are doing.

  • Nolan B 3 years ago

    Nice vid. I have massive respect for all of the players, but I found myself
    thinking, “Oh hey, McBeth… Will, sweet… Nikko, nice…. THE F*CKING

  • JPizzle7409 3 years ago

    Feldberg’s form is perfection! Dig the vid just not the audio…

  • rorySLC 3 years ago

    Put Paige Pierce in a text book, that form is so sick!

  • DiscGolf ACE 3 years ago

    What is the song?

  • Nate Barbone 3 years ago

    This music is god awful

  • Dida99 :D 3 years ago

    Nice drive :D

  • abou ali ilias 3 years ago
  • samuel alvesbmx 3 years ago

    muito bom parabens

  • Jeffzior 3 years ago

    game chrashes with this car fuuu :(

  • gouki akuma 3 years ago

    vc andedeveagr

  • TheMusikmaker1 3 years ago

    WHy my game crashed when i select this car?? :(( Please help me ..

  • mafiax 3 years ago

    he didn’t care, cause it’s just a game :) these simulations like role
    playing games, you act as you want…

  • mafiax 3 years ago

    not like role playing*

  • GuilhermeTUF98 3 years ago

    Why you don’t overtake the car at 0:46?It’s just a game

  • Renan Freitas 3 years ago

    se fosse brasileiro mesmo, ja dava seta pra esquerda pra ultrapassar, kk

  • Victor Junior 3 years ago

    peterbilt6106 il ya un problem dans sa site qui te demande

  • Matheus Filipe 3 years ago

    aki é brasil uhul eu jogo esse jogo é muito loko

  • MetaIIica93 3 years ago

    my game also crashes with this car and bimmers e60, e92 the problem is our
    game versions