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Spin Your Wedges, Lower Your Score

Dave Phillips has two approaches to spinning your Vokey wedges. Each coaching point can be applied to your short game arsenal to help bring scores down and e…

Improving your golf swing and lowering your score can be accomplished with these simple tips presented by Eagle Golf Pro, Shawn Humphries. Discover the three…
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  • burmesetiger1 5 years ago

    It works,it really works, the more i practice ,the better I’ve become.Thank you Sir.

  • Lindley Michael 5 years ago

    yes short game is a must cut strokes off the game is the real deal. I watch a lot of videos
    on chiping and pitching thanks…………

  • JRTTrickShotHD 5 years ago

    got golf tommorow cant wait i love it

  • jakemersonturner 5 years ago

    you are quite wrong…

  • y0FrooT 5 years ago

    love how he got pretty much no spin :’)

  • Dan Mokrycki 5 years ago

    That analysis of the physics of a golf swing is completely wrong. Shortening the shaft length would never increase your club head speed. It will only increase the speed you have to move your body to maintain the same club head speed. Flipping your hands may cause more spin because you are effectively adding loft to the club face at impact. It has nothing to do with speed. Actually the opposite. You should be fired as an instructor.

  • Dan Mokrycki 5 years ago

    That analysis of the physics of the golf swing is completely wrong.

  • mtn323007 5 years ago

    My mind immediately went to drugs when he started talking about speed and how to make it.

  • Joseph Augustin 5 years ago

    99% of golfers never practice anything enough to ever be able to execute with any consistency. Very cool variations on the pitch shot there, though!

  • Dan Kleiman 5 years ago


  • thewylde89 5 years ago

    Haha! “Playas”

  • Friez1169 5 years ago

    At the hole. Or the middle of the green.

  • Mipec MiniGolf 5 years ago

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  • biggunstyler 5 years ago

    I’ve got no confidence around the green when Chipping. I keep taking divots on light chip shots which then fluffs the chip. This is a huge problem with my game. Is there any advice you can give me ?

  • arojasunlv 5 years ago

    Dave, great tips. Could you by chance look at some of my video swings on my channel and throw me some feedback. Please and thank you, ive never had a lesson in my life so not sure if im doing the right thing.

  • Cameron Brown 5 years ago

    watch my videos

  • gmonkey808 5 years ago

    that could lead to blade city

  • ZackNTW2 5 years ago

    Great video! Taught me more than any other videos on youtube!

  • MasterVidTaker 5 years ago

    Always have done this but didn’t know why, guess I am a natural around the green. Thanks!

  • AleksiLPhoto 5 years ago

    I’ve seen those, which is what inspired my comment. People have a lot of misinformation and base their theories on it. Trackman Maestro is a great resource for the facts.

  • Richardvdlinde 5 years ago

    you should check out the video’s from Waite and Mayo on ball flight laws. They explain this into great detail in a very clear way!

  • Omar Mohammad 5 years ago

    Very good tip

  • William kim 5 years ago

    make it 18.

  • Justus Seiber 5 years ago

    Flop shots and when to hit flop shots.

  • Steven Sharpe 5 years ago

    Great lesson Dave. Will be trying this tomorrow… :)