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The Art of Simple Golf takes you onto the course for an important lesson to shoot more consistent scores.

Simple golf tips are the best ones as they are common sense and you can use them right away. The video here is on the course lesson with me Alex Fortey sharing an obvious but too often ignored simple tip for lower, consistent golf scores…

You want to score better, hit more greens and hole some putts and to do that, i’m sure you are aware, you need to hit more fairways.

However choosing the driver pretty much every tee shot is not always the best choice.

Too many golfers always hit the big dog of the tee without really considering the challenge ahead on the hole or the consequences of a poor on even a too good a tee shot.

But if you were to use a hybrid or an iron on more of your tees, I guarantee you will score better the very next time you play, no mater your handicap.

Try this simple golf and let me know how you get on net time you play.

Be smart, score lower.

This is Golf. Simplified
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