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Fairway Woods


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  • Lon Acree 5 years ago

    Out of all of the internet instructional videos, Paul Wilson’s are the most instructive and easy to follow that I have seen. Simple little drills like easily swinging to impress on the mind how the lower body adds to the power of the swing help more in my opinion.

  • samiam1150 5 years ago

    Your ball position is determined by where you fairway wood brushes the grass when you swing. That’s the reason for making a rehearsal swing. For a fairway wood you should position the ball just forward of where the club starts to brush the ground.

  • Naraithlos 5 years ago

    treat it like a 1 iron… so just slightly behind your leading foot. If you have it in driver position you will still top it. Too far back and you may hit it Fat (Hit the floor first)… At 7:06 he just about right… its a little trial and error.

  • TheNYgolfer 5 years ago

    Nice video Paul, From the top of the swing people are so anxious to hit the ball as hard as possible with the right hand that the clubhead passes the hands way BEFORE impact.This puts the low point of the swing behind the ball resulting in the ball being hit on the upswing (thin) or a fat shot . Lack of power and poor directional control are the result. I like to say swing “smoother” instead of “easier”. “Easier” makes people decelerate which is not good either.

  • SUBROTO MITRA 5 years ago

    Correct …I finally understood! relax, dont try hard..the secret

  • Bob Marley 5 years ago

    This was recommended to me…youtube obviously doesn’t know my cap lol.

  • Thomas Cooke 5 years ago

    That makes so much sense. I’ll work on that tomorrow. I’ve been having Big problems topping my Fairway woods and long irons.

  • Kernerenglish 5 years ago

    Very good tutorials. Thank you.

  • samiam1150 5 years ago

    Where do you position the ball in your stance when hitting the three wood from a level lie?

  • Clifford Desiderio 5 years ago

    Good Information

  • SoosieG66 5 years ago

    Ha ha, your funny!

  • SoosieG66 5 years ago

    This is a great channel. If you are serious about improving your golf, you could go to your local Golf Pro and pay £30 for half an hours tuition … or watch and listen here!

  • robaspiring 5 years ago

    Thanks. Seems logical. Shall try these tips. Do we hit 3 wood on top as the hybrids and irons or upwards as in a driver?

  • chucknchar 5 years ago

    Thanks, can’t wait to try it.

  • GreenBlaky 5 years ago

    …right reason, wrong explanation! Did help me though… =)

  • David Hansen 5 years ago

    Great tips!

  • 20sainthockey 5 years ago

    Very good advice. Just remember to keep your head down through the swing.

  • matti2112 5 years ago

    Wow for the first time I have had real advise on why I top my fairway woods. I never realized any of this. Sound advise and easy to understand. Thank you very much.

  • m47131 5 years ago

    Hi paul…I am glad I found your videos and blog. They have helped me a great deal. I never realized how important weight transfer is. Starting my downswing from the ground up has really got my swing on a better path. Thank you.

  • AntiBoglehead 5 years ago

    Great video. Very common sense approach.

  • Steve Evans 5 years ago

    Thx I will try this tomorrow.

  • Desert Diamond 5 years ago

    Great video!

  • leem87100 5 years ago

    good advice thanks