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  • WillGibb88 5 years ago

    I’ve been trying to make sure my swing doesn’t get too flat, and instead I find my right foot lifting up as I try to get a little steeper on the ball. Is there a drill to fix that?

  • davk0613 5 years ago

    Question – should your club and hands be on the shoulder plane when you get half way back on your backswing or should they be between the shaft and shoulder plane? My club and hands are directly on the shoulder plane half way back at which point I rotate my shoulders to the top.

  • Steve Mitcham 5 years ago

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  • TrojanMars1 5 years ago

    Great video…thanks for sharing.

  • JuniorGolfTV 5 years ago

    Hi Mark. My natural shot is a slight fade and I always play the 12-15 yard cut from the tee, but with my irons I hit a lot of draws and feel I over work the ball. I can’t hit a straight shot? If I send you a link to a video via your inbox could you take a look? Kind regards.

  • bbellen22 5 years ago

    I have been watching your videos for some time and really enjoy your teaching style. I am wondering if a conscious wrist hinge is necessary or if simply maintain a loose back swing with put a natural hinge in my swing. I ask because a conscious wrist hinge causes me to get “wristy” and I can’t seem to hit down on the ball whereas a more “natural” hinge seems to allow better compression.

  • idkwia 5 years ago

    I suggest you properly read what I said before commenting. I said that Scott and Woods have the angle of their shaft point OUTSIDE of the ball whereas MOST of the top players have the shaft pointing AT the ball. This is not about the theory of the year at all, my comment was made in response to this video which is teaching people to point the shaft BETWEEN the feet and the ball. Lots of great golfers play with the latter e.g. Faldo, but most of the modern top 20 do as I said e.g. Donald

  • brad stecklein 5 years ago

    you name a couple of guys and then say ‘most’ do it a certain way. tell ya what, you name a few and i’ll name a few that do it a different way. i am a modern pro and i can guarantee you that your business grows if you successfully teach the player and not the ‘theory of the year’ i think you might be a little confused as to what constitutes a fact!

  • idkwia 5 years ago

    Hi Mark, I made the following comment before but you did not respond so I hope you won’t mind me saying it again:- most top players today (2012) have the shaft pointing at the ball halfway back rather than pointing between the ball as you suggest so can you explain further please?

  • idkwia 5 years ago

    If you read my comment I am merely pointing out that most of the current top players have the shaft pointing at the ball halfway back rather than between the feet and the ball. Therefore the method advocated on this video is not the way that most modern pros teach. This is not my opinion it is a fact.

  • Gavin Vearing 5 years ago

    Excellent advice for golfers to follow. Good diagrams of the “cone of success” of where we want the club and arms to be swinging throughout the swing. The swing on the right is a very common flaw we see with high handicappers. In regard to the swing on the left I would personally prefer to see the butt of the club pointing at the ball at the half way back position.

  • Ben Pearce 5 years ago

    too steep is better than at the ball/more flat, imo because if you take it up vertical, you have more chance of an in-to-out swing, if you take it up flat, you come over the top. Trust me this move is my swing daemon.

  • amarchawla66 5 years ago

    Hi Mark, I think I am having a serious problem with my swing. I cant judge where I am going wrong. I am hitting solid shots but I am not very consistent. Please can you take a look at the 3 swings and let me know what areas I need to work on. Thanks BR

  • birdienfool 5 years ago

    Great Video, I have the exact backswing that you show on the right, however on the downswing, I get the club stuck behind me and too severe of a path from in to out, causing a lot of hooks. I’ve been trying to swing more around my body and get the clubhead going more left after impact. Also swinging a lot with a towel under my left arm, and trying to keep my wrist angle set further down to prevent any premature casting. Am I on the right track here? Any other drills I could be doing? Thanks

  • billizzard 5 years ago

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  • billizzard 5 years ago

    i put like tiger.or my version.its true in a way what he says about taking pictures “tiger”

  • Thomas Bordenkircher 5 years ago

    @theciskokid, everyone needs to play their game and not use a swing that’s uncomfortable for them. If it goes where you want it and you can repeate it, then you’re good to go. I think the video is just trying to show you that having an out to in swing path will result in a slice 98 percent of the time. So no matter how much tech you’ve got, you still got to hit the thing where you want it. And slicing the ball everytime simply ain’t gonna get it done

  • EagleEyeGolfer 5 years ago

    There’s alot of true in what you are saying. However, when we miss shots, and we do miss shots, this video is a demonstration of what may have caused that bad shot. I totally agree with you in regards to developing our own swing but I completely understand what this video is coveying. I’ve seen my swing in a video and it looks just like the one on the right. And I’m a 13 handicap. Give or take a few, lol.

  • EagleEyeGolfer 5 years ago

    I have to say this is a really great demonstration of explaining the difference in
    the swing plane. The swing on the right is my swing exactly, lol. When I hit it, it’s a solid cut shot left to right, but if I’m off, I either slice it or hit a dead pull. Not hook but pull. So I will definately try and make adjustments to my swing to match the one on the left of the screen. Cheers mate!

  • brad stecklein 5 years ago

    not so fast! tiger’s shaft points outside because he gets flat and laid off. next time you see him on tv watch his rehearsal swings–he’s doing exactly what this gentleman is saying in this video in an attempt to find better plane at the top! there are no inaccuracies in this vid! there are many ways to swing a golf club.

  • brad stecklein 5 years ago

    says who?

  • steckleinjr 5 years ago

    not so fast, my friend!

  • steveminla 5 years ago

    Very helpful…thanks!!!

  • johnyaya1 5 years ago

    Having the club point between the foot line and the ball line is exactly what Sean Foley has on his video also. Having the club point at the ball is the traditional picture. My kids go to a clinic on the weekends and “point the butt end of the club at the ball” is always mentioned.

    My takeaway is a copy of the video on the right. I just watched a shot of my swing and about threw up. Somehow I drop the club back in so I can hit massive hooks…great!! – Now I know the first thing to fix, THANKS

  • idkwia 5 years ago

    If you look at most of the top players today (2011) halfway back in their backswing the angle of the shaft will be pointing at the ball and not the ground between the feet and the ball as you are advocating here. In fact some players, including Tiger Woods and Adam Scott, the angle of their club shaft will be pointing at the ground ‘outside’ the line. In other words, the backswing you are advocating is too steep compated to the top players of today.