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Golfalot have been the first to review the new Ping Rapture V2 golf equipment range of drivers, fairway woods, utilities and irons, plus the Ping S57 iron an…

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  • SgtFrutcake 5 years ago

    tried an r1 with 12° loft and a matriix red tie x-flex such a bomber

  • srvfan04 5 years ago

    sarcasm my friend. Sarcasm. The only number that matters is the one that is on the scorecard.

  • Chris Simmons 5 years ago

    video was very interesting/helpful. Thanks

  • CaptainContraBass 5 years ago

    I hit that RBZ 330 yards (carry) on a monitor the other day. Still wouldn’t bag it. Way too long of a shaft.

  • Simon Hjelm 5 years ago

    i hit a iron 4 210 meters, so i think he is talking about meters as well.

  • juakaliify 5 years ago

    You do a lot of comment on the colors. And I think this is the last think you care about.
    Hitting far is indeed not the most important thing in golf. 65 to 70% of the game is on or around the green.

  • snow1870 5 years ago

    Well, obviously…. you do .

  • Violascantlose 5 years ago

    Guys this is measured in meters. 190 meters is 209 yards about. And in addition it was cold weather… He’s not a big hitter.

  • Allan Skyrud 5 years ago

    My 4 Hybrid actually goes 210-220 meters lol
    But golf is not all about how far u hit the ball tho

  • Jake Walker 5 years ago

    shut up

  • TaylorU10 5 years ago

    Standard R1 is 10 degrees with no adjustments

  • Leo Hong 5 years ago

    Why can’t taylormade just keep it simple! The graphics are just becoming more complicated each year!!

  • srvfan04 5 years ago

    210 ha. my 3 iron carries 215. Honestly who cares???

  • Thomas Russell 5 years ago

    Hope you know that it’s measured in meters

  • mrpeepaholic9 5 years ago

    Ping G25 stiff shaft

  • mrpeepaholic9 5 years ago

    Hahaha it carried 190? Lol my 3 wood carries 210 lol

  • GalaxyTrigger82 5 years ago

    i know what you mean i still have the first burner ever made as my driver ive hit every model post r9 and nothing compares.

  • vassilis01 5 years ago

    no he said they are set at the same loft

  • MRQU1K1E 5 years ago

    R1 is actually a 10 standard at least in Canada/U.S.

  • Legit Prowler 5 years ago

    0:54  loft is set at lower setting

  • JOEM747 5 years ago

    Ye old r580 was a beast for me too!

  • daniel gibson 5 years ago

    G25 is a little more idiot proof, just can’t get the distance of the r1 no matter what shaft I put in it. The speeder in the r1 is very good.

  • Evan Bennett 5 years ago

    I think the nicest club TaylorMade has ever put out is the Burner 2.0. I had one of those for a while, but recently changed to a Cleveland Classic XL.

  • SuperGporto 5 years ago

    i got a 1R TP X flex and rkb stage 2 3 wood X flex ans my 3 wood is longer

  • ross clewley 5 years ago

    but taylormade put crap shafts in their drivers and other makes put decent shafts in now

  • ernesto1018 5 years ago

    These irons cost a fortune…IMHO the G10s are just as easy to hit and get better distance. And the G10s are a few hundred bucks cheaper.