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Challenge #2: Can any of these top golfers knock a clay pigeon out of the sky with a golf ball? Thongchai Jaidee – 4 x European Tour Winner David Horsey – BM…
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Frisbee Golf GREAT SHOTS The Hammer Birdie DISC GOLF http// The early history of disc golf is closely tied to the history of …
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  • Annika Michelle Mendoza 5 years ago


  • Lawrence Mo 5 years ago

    Far more interesting if they were aiming for real pigeons.

  • batteryarmor 5 years ago

    Maybe it’s not the content he didn’t like, but the composition, no need to insult him.

  • Sam Spence 5 years ago

    Can’t believe people saying this is a fake!!! My dad was there to watch it. They were there all day trying just about to give up when Simon hit it :) 100% real

  • Nick Parker 5 years ago

    that was insane!

  • Nick Parker 5 years ago


  • InebriatedAssClown 5 years ago

    For some reason I thought they were going to be shooting golfballs with shotguns

  • momentaila 5 years ago

    from the sunlight they spend the day trying to hit the clay pigeon…

  • Soundara619 5 years ago

    That was cool

  • mrbadx19 5 years ago

    now if someone would shoot at golf balls with a shot gun…

  • ROTMGnerd 5 years ago


  • Travis Ryckman 5 years ago

    yea and just shoot the stack of pigeons. do you not understand sport?

  • chalid52 5 years ago


  • TheCitygal87 5 years ago

    0/10 ;|

  • HeNrYBuTsCh 5 years ago

    Some people say that he is still running today……

  • dmillerb95 5 years ago

    Just use a shotgun… It’s a lot easier.

  • hardcore1381 5 years ago

    I don’t even play. Don’t be upset that you made yourself look stupid on the internet.

  • hardcore1381 5 years ago

    I guess that’s one way you could misinterpret it, but that’s not the fault of the video’s title. It says exactly what it is.

  • TheLilwizzard 5 years ago

    These golfers sure know how to party.

  • chrisgsauce 5 years ago

    Butthurt golfer. You probably suck at the game, too.

  • TheXeeman 5 years ago

    Rich people…

  • randomassockss 5 years ago

    skill level over 9000

  • betlogboy 5 years ago


  • darkzealot45 5 years ago

    Why do you have the same profile picture as me? this is awkward. .