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Recap of the Random Beaver Round Up VI, Pro Katana by Innova, the Clash USDGC Lead Group Live, the Discraft Nuke, and what’s going on with …
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  • MLGProphet 5 years ago

    not hard to watch his videos. i dont even live there… lawls. uMaD.

  • c0nsci0usness 5 years ago

    lol ok then how else would I know he holds Wednesday league play at Valley View disc golf course in New Berlin? you mad that i got my first ace on hole 13 at Valley View? yeah, u mad.

  • MLGProphet 5 years ago

    That probably never happened.

  • c0nsci0usness 5 years ago

    Dude random that I found this vid, just saw him at my local course for league play. He sold me a Discraft Nuke which I just got an ace with. Small world!!

  • justin169169 5 years ago

    nuke is amazing tried mine for the first time today and its crazy fast and super easy to throw!!!!

  • Josh Tripp 5 years ago

    the nuke is crazy fast and has increased my drive to 420 + average. its a great disc and when i figure out a better snap and release ill be bombing this thing.

  • Alex Gregorie 5 years ago

    woah how can I get one of those smoke katanas? those look great!!!

  • mklowak 5 years ago

    terry just tried my nuke today best disc ever i love it!

  • Kyle Sparrow 5 years ago

    hey terry its kyle sparrow… i was at the “big freeze” when did u start doin these vids? very nice! let me know when u are plannin to start the spring dretzka leagues. Catch ya later! Keep em up!

  • pugggs 5 years ago

    those sirens are annoying.

    glad i found your vids.

  • tdelaify 5 years ago

    PING forever!

  • Chris Jake 5 years ago

    can you please do a vid over bridgestone j40 dpc’s and cb’s

  • Jackson McDougall 5 years ago

    Titleist AP2 all day long

  • seneca2816 5 years ago

    can you review the cleveland 588 cb’s?

  • Homer1234565 5 years ago

    I play for a month and play S56 irons and I hit it very very nice :)

  • KolanutVideos 5 years ago

    Which clubs do you use mark

  • Greg Scott 5 years ago

    I’m looking to pick up a set of the Ping’s asap. Any preference in the ways of durability between the two? I’ve always thought Ping to be a very durable machined iron, my sets going on 10 years without significant signs of wear.

  • luckigolfer 5 years ago

    AP2 Baby!

  • countrydad2009 5 years ago

    so you are playing titleist 6 and a ping 7

  • baltav123 5 years ago

    two years is a good enough time to learn shots. and a 6 handicap is right there this guys just being a dick. Just cause you dont have the natural talent dont hate on this guy whose been playing for two years and is already a 6 handicap thats GREAT.

  • Iggy Iggles 5 years ago

    Stick with your more forgiving clubs, mate.

    Having only played for two years, you’re still a novice at this game. I’m really not trying to be mean, but you probably do not know which shot is best for which scenario like someone who has played for fifteen years (Still not the most experienced.) Unless it’s painfully obvious which to pull of, you may choose a shot that you’re not good at yet, simply because you didn’t know you’re not good at it. Happy golfing, buddy.

  • Mark Robertson 5 years ago

    Hi Mark,
    only being playing golf for 2 yrs my handy cap is 6 but i now feel its time to change my irons.
    I am at present using cleveland lunchers but they are to thick at the head I’m now looking at the ping anser iron they seem to have a great feel to them can yu reccomend any thing else that may benefit me.

  • Keyser911Soze 5 years ago

    hi mark cool reviews i only started playing ayear ago with 20H now play off 14H with my cobra s9s but now i want some feel with forged irons but where i live cant go and try different clubs was wondering about ap2’s,mizuno 53,cobra s2 or go mad and try cobra pro’s can you give me some info thanks Mark 

  • Jahzei 5 years ago

    mizuno mp63’s?

  • Bourne Accident 5 years ago

    What a nice swing… 

  • philipsay1 5 years ago


    I currently play (and love) my Titleist 755s. Looking for a replacement. How would you compare the old 755s to the AP2, Mizuno Mp53 or Ping S56?

  • Josh Carnall 5 years ago

    hey mark could you do a review on the slightly older titleist zm and zb irons.

  • zionlaw 5 years ago

    Love my AP2’s. Got fitted, now about at least a club and a half longer.

  • psmracer22 5 years ago

    hey mark i have the mizuno mp 68 and i thinking about switching to the ap2’s can you do a review of the two irons. and on another point i like your review on r11 and the d3. i have the r11 but i really do not like the driver so im about to switch to the d3. and the simple face i have dented the face of 5 taylormade drivers. i feel they are built horrible. i have a 130+ mph ss with a driver and i 115+ with a 5 iron and i constantly dent the face of the tm.

  • jamiemck 5 years ago

    how would either of these compare to mizuno mx200’s? different league?

  • hpsauceOFWAR 5 years ago

    Love the s56, I was playing with blades but switched to them and gained 15 yards, now i can hit my 7 iron almost 180!!

  • BayFlow408 5 years ago

    I would go for Ping since it has a softer finish. But nothing is more important than getting fit and driving range demo sampling.

  • Jerry Homstad 5 years ago

    Ap2 is what I have and love em!!! Tried the Mizuno’s too and Titleist won me over

  • acripple79 5 years ago

    I don’t like how pings look

  • Troy O'Brien 5 years ago

    I hate ping irons.The titleist irons are better ! :)