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The Golf Fix’s Michael Breed helps Rooster stop hanging back at impact to prevent fat and thin struck shots. Watch The Golf Fix Mondays 8 p.m. ET only on Gol…


Fat Shots


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  • watertonrivers 5 years ago

    One thing I learned the hard way; be very careful not to position yourself too far from the ball. As much as I love Moe Norman, we are not Moe Norman and probably will never be able to stand so far away from the ball and hit it like he did. Stick to the tried and true fundamentals; grip, stance, takeaway, rythmn, etc. Don’t copy everyone else, be yourself and learn how to adjust using fundamentals and you WILL learn how to excell in this great game!!

  • Blake Hudson 5 years ago


  • ZeroSumJ1 5 years ago

    i like how he says “hi”

  • humphries1986 5 years ago

    this guys a douche bag

  • ACIMpsychology 5 years ago

    yes, irony is lost on many americans but prolly others also. It helps to grow up in a sarcastic family (like mine was!).–People who are always completely sincere are a real problem for light-hearted jokesters; really embarrassing when they don’t get it, eh?! 😉 They think you actually DO like to eat newly-born kittens. LOL
    As for the problem I would say not keeping your eye on the ball causes fat and thin shots. Eye on the ball, hit down and through, handle ahead.

  • killratoss 5 years ago

    untrue, everyone learns different.

  • rainmab1 5 years ago

    great tip! love the show!

  • TheMxWatch 5 years ago

    A visual learner is someone who like to see things being done ow how they work in order to imitate it or if its a concept make an image in the brain. You are simply retarded you do not know what you are talking about, but I guess you could consider semi-retarded as you can read what I am typing.

  • SpeedyGolfCart77 5 years ago

    Rooster FTW!

  • poiuy1369 5 years ago


  • pat52010 5 years ago

    I love this tip…keep it simple stupid(kiss principle)…great tip!!