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The Golf Swing Weekly Fix Distance From The Ball and Hitting Long Irons

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  • paakoomi 5 years ago

    Makes complete sense. Off to the driving range!

  • Zaitun Nafisa 5 years ago

    Hey There! Thank you for this useful video. By the way, I hear lots of people keep on talking about Golfonax Training Program (search on google), but I’m not sure if it is good. Have you ever tried this golf program called Golfonax Training Program? I have heard many incredible things about it.

  • Nick Whitton 5 years ago

    Fix tempo… fix distance

  • MDGolfaddict 5 years ago

    Simple fault this but can cause so many bad shots. Good vid again Mark

  • Sunkan11 5 years ago

    Hello Mark! Pls review my rusty winter swing. Happy New Years from snowy Stockholm! Any tips about it?

    Its on channel Sunkan11 and the name of the swing is Golf swing

  • sibutchers 5 years ago

    Great video Mark! I’ve just started to learn to play a few months ago and your videos are a great help! I wish I lived closer to have some lessons!

  • 69whitetiger69 5 years ago

    do you loose distance if you swing to fast for a reg shaft ? spose you would they just balloon

  • leesawden 5 years ago

    Me and a friedn just went to the driving range with a list of your tips! Truely Ace! …… we are going to send you videos of our swing would be great to hear from you.

    Also i have the most bizzare grip in which my hand are opposite, so my left hand is at the bottom, im still hitiing 200 yard straight shots and so did not want to change it but would love to hear from you, either way

    Keep up the good work

  • David Schultz 5 years ago

    the guy with the long iron problem might be hitting down too much

  • David Schultz 5 years ago

    strong kid in the first swing. he will be very long if he sticks with the game.

  • Riley Schmitz 5 years ago


    I love your videos, you have helped me a ton with my swing and moved my handicap from a 20 to an 8 in one year!! Cheers!!


  • o0zeno0o 5 years ago

    I had the exact same issue as JD when I started out.. Very practical and sharp way to explain it! To other really new players having this issue, I would suggest that if you keep practicing hitting the ball the right way the distance will eventually come. It hard not to be tense when you start out, but once your wrists start to relax a bit and the turnover becomes more second nature you’re clubhead speed will naturally start to increase and those long irons will start to get some distance.

  • gmonkey808 5 years ago

    Hi Mark I rate you as the best golf pro on youtube.
    I have a nasty push shot i need to fix and cant fix it. Its not a severe push just about 10 yards with 8 iron.
    I have noticed that my head is getting infront of the ball at impact. Have looked at all the other cause of push and cant diagnose it.
    Can head infront of the ball at impact cause a push?
    I have looked through your posts but there are that many I cant what im after.
    I hope you have time to answer.
    Cheers Liverpool UK.

  • Thomas Riley 5 years ago

    that glove goes from pocket to on in 4 seconds, congratulatons

  • bgilly02 5 years ago

    for the second analysis, with the two golfers, and the basket thing, one thing that i tend to check to make sure my hands are rotating is making sure that you have the correct club path first. Once that is done, i make sure that the toe of the club is facing straight toward the sky in the middle of my backswing. that is when in your backswing the club is at the same level as my hip. Just something i do!

  • Eric Gordon 5 years ago

    Nice video! Be sure to check my rocket powered golf club video as well!

  • Robert McCurdy 5 years ago

    *you’re. Prime example. Anyway not gonna argue with an obvious troll. Anyone can tell just by looking at your recent comments. Have a nice day.

  • AurasmaG 5 years ago

    “Stop being shit a learn distance control” < They are all english words... I think your the one who needs to learn english

  • Robert McCurdy 5 years ago

    Learn English and maybe I’ll listen to you.

  • poolie2762 5 years ago

    Mark i love your videos keep up the good work…cheers from Canada

  • AurasmaG 5 years ago

    @opethggah Stop being shit a learn distance control

  • Robert McCurdy 5 years ago

    Hey Mark, awesome video as usual. I have a question about short game. I find myself (on par 4’s) usually within pitching to loft wedge distance (I also have an A wedge) from the flag off the drive and have trouble figuring out which club to use and in what way I should actually swing the club. Sometimes if I bring out my loft I end up short and other times with my pitch the ball goes too far. Do you have any recommendations on how to approach such a situation? Much thanks from Arkansas, U.S.

  • Mikey Miller 5 years ago

    Do a video review for the new TaylorMade burner 3.0 irons

  • mrrandalyou 5 years ago

    I think it is worth mentioning that this is a question for distance on irons, which require hitting down a compressing the ball. Which is harder with longer(less lofted) irons to accomplish, which is also likely a factor in poor distance range in the iron set. It is not simply a matter of club head speed, but also a matter of loading, lag hitting down and striking the ball well.

  • EveryDayCarry14 5 years ago

    Did I miss the part of the answer for the question of the week in correcting the slice?

    I have similar issues like the question of the week:

    My Hybrids don’t get the distance I want compared to my 5 and 6 iron(Hybrids are 3 and 4) and I tend to have a slice with my Hybrids and not my irons.

    What am I doing wrong compared to those two club types?