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  • daniel gibson 5 years ago

    Do more of these

  • rossvilla4 5 years ago

    can you and James do a video like this

  • nickhj213 5 years ago

    … 9 years, hardly ever is the course closed and the greens are still perfect all year round club champs 2012 they were lightening fast. Come check it out in the summer season to get the full experience! Nick James handicap 5

  • nickhj213 5 years ago

    I am lucky to be a member of this course for the past 9!

  • 19essempee1 5 years ago

    Great video Mark, lets see plenty more of you playing the courses.

  • John Robinson 5 years ago

    Love these vids!

  • EJ9421 5 years ago

    Love these kinds of videos!!

  • Ollie Morton 5 years ago

    what driver do you use

  • ZombieDave2 5 years ago

    He swings like a right handed Bubba Watson

  • andy cloonan 5 years ago

    A touch of The Duffners going on at 2.20! 😉

  • Mike Kollmann 5 years ago

    I can’t believe they let you walk on frosted over greens

  • rebirthatthefountain . 5 years ago

    now wait a minute! not only are you playing in frost, but also on the regular green in the winter!$! what the hell are we doing in the states then? lol

  • Andy King 5 years ago

    Bowood is a corker aswell

  • jtb86 5 years ago

    Must be nice to be able to play in the winter.. We’ve got a few feet of snow covering everything here. :(

  • petecabrina 5 years ago

    Except maybe he needs to do them in summer, this is diabolical conditions, kudos to anyone going out in that shit lol

  • geoffreygk88 5 years ago

    Hey can you take a look at my swing and just point out anything that I can improve on? I uploaded videos of my driver, 6 iron and pitching wedge. Thanks!

  • Albin Clern 5 years ago

    What a beatyful swing from both of you!

  • Stephen Junior 5 years ago

    3:56 is such a cool frame shot

  • Stephen Junior 5 years ago

    makes me feel a lot better to see you bogey a par 3, you should have someone film your rounds i bet with all your fans you could find people easy

  • Phil Fost 5 years ago

    When will you get your hands on the G25 range Mark? Love to see how the hybrid compares to you G20!!!

  • John Malihi 5 years ago

    How did they allow you to play on an icy course, yes it is beautiful and takes away all the stress in life, what a wonderful game Golf is, good on ya Mark.

  • silowhore 5 years ago

    I’ve seen a lovely hole or two in my day 😛

  • JMRTNG 5 years ago

    I would really like to see this course without the snow

  • MrRobNewy 5 years ago

    Great vid.
    How the hell do you play a frozen golf course?

  • zibby43 5 years ago

    Love these videos. Keep it up. And by the way, Rocketbladez please.