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  • bluebill0124 4 years ago

    Saw D.A.Points do the flat footed practice swing at Shell Houston this year – so it’s nice to see pros struggling with the same problems. Oh yeah, and he won the tournament :)

  • xxmikeal99xx 4 years ago

    Hi Mark I tried this technique the last time I was practising and it helped. Great video thanks for explaining it so simply.

  • Harrydunnigan123 4 years ago

    I’m 11 and can hit 250 yards and I am brill plz sponsor me some 1 put a comment if u want to ill check ma inbox for it THX

  • brettthefev 4 years ago

    ive got a natural swing. every time i get a lesson with a pro i peform worse

  • chewyybrr 4 years ago

    hi Mark I’m relatively new to the game of golf, I do find it hard to transfer the weight through my swing. I’m getting lessons from my course professional (well i have had 1 so far) and the main problem for me is I’m getting stuck through my swing, is there any tips you could give me or could I send you a video of my swing to help me out?

  • TheLawzer 4 years ago

    Mark I can hit my shots consistently but I need more distance and power. Can you help me ?

  • John Malihi 4 years ago

    excellent lesson

  • bens grandad 4 years ago

    its very hard to change your muscle memory if you have been playing for a few years your right mark you have to trick your mind-the kinematic sequence graph would make a great app !!!

  • Andrew D 4 years ago

    Great video! I think if anyone wants to improve there game they have to work on the fundamentals of the golf swing. Many golfers think they have a good swing and are swinging like the pros however when they see themselves on video they don’t recognise there own swing because it ‘feels’ different to what they are actually doing. Kinematic sequence analysis is the next stage to improvement.

  • nickelfer 4 years ago

    Last Wednesday was the first day of spring, and here in Missouri we just got snow! I’m in Highschool and my first golf meet is supposed to be Tuesday, odds are we won’t have it.

  • Mark M 4 years ago

    Reminds me of Ernest Jones (1887–1965) talking about the hands and saying the body would automatically take care of itself.

  • Drey503 4 years ago

    I know you didnt ask me, but i recently had the same problem try resting your pinky on top of your index and ring finger in your grip instead of interlocking, and make sure your not to close to the ball at setup.. and line the toe up with the ball at address instead of the sweet spot.. try that..

  • rcwick22 4 years ago


    I really like your lessons. I have been working hard on bringing the club back with open faced rather than closed like I was and on a good plane down, but I when I make contact I frequently hit it off the hosel and it squirts right horribly. I am very frustrated because I understand what I should be doing going back but it goes wrong when trying to square the club face. Any ideas?

  • Jason Alcock 4 years ago

    I find the lessons with the data very informative. Keep them coming. Where it works could show the player video and correlate the two.

  • Aaron Petruski 4 years ago

    I like the part of the ‘pulling down of a leeever & it’s correlation to the left side/left knee’. I’ve been working at getting the feel of each, but not connecting the two ideas. It makes sense if you understand good stroke technique in terms of the kinetic chain. I’m coming from a tennis background, and constantly translate golf concepts to what I know in tennis. But in tennis, just about any good stroke is like a wave thought the body – kinetic chain.

  • Isaiah Stevens 4 years ago

    i hope i can remember this tip Morrow on the course!

  • Tony Smith 4 years ago

    Mark, thank you. Tried this today and the results were instant. Much improved accuracy, very good distance and more powerful feeling strikes.

  • Rob Moore 4 years ago

    Nice video Mark, having some lessons with Chris at The Hertfordshire – I am working on the “kinetic sequence” and he recently said “feel isn’t real” too; are these PGA stock phrases or can I expect him to say “let’s get stuck in” anytime soon??

    Ps, how about reviewing the Ping putter app?

  • stewart burns 4 years ago

    why is he cutting the grass in march??

  • Ytsejam007 4 years ago

    Another cracking lesson, thank you!

  • Robert Loper 4 years ago

    Thnks bro 4 the tip i’ll try it

  • Robert Loper 4 years ago

    Lol. Ok you marks agent? Lol

  • asfaf wfawf 4 years ago

    it’s called common sense. don’t be fooled by marketing you moron

  • Richie Dela Merced 4 years ago

    Awesome mark thanks so much. I will try this tommorow. =)