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  • MattFromWork 5 years ago

    Damn I miss those fist pumps. C’mon tiger.

  • Joe Blow 5 years ago


  • WhiteMoneyMusic 5 years ago

    Ignorance……… You know there is more than one way to swing a club right? It must be shit if he has two wins this year and is back to number four.

  • TheMaster640 5 years ago

    WHERES 16 AT 2005 MASTERS!?

  • baffinjigger 5 years ago

    Anyone else pumped to go golfing after watching that!? lol

  • Astromchaser 5 years ago

    Tiger’s swing used to be the shit, now its just shit.

  • laihn74 5 years ago

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  • jupucmad 5 years ago

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  • Karan Sawhney 5 years ago

    0:06 – 0:09 = BRUTAL FISTPUMP 

  • garfinorbit 5 years ago

    go tiger ! :D

  • Dylan Aye 5 years ago


  • TheMaster640 5 years ago

    Isn’t 0:22 the same hole as 1:31?

  • jose4891 5 years ago

    the dude just pumps iron like nobodies business, he’s not on roids. he has none of the side effects like an enlarged domepiece (barry bonds).

  • Chris Toney 5 years ago

    awesome music

  • angus4463 5 years ago

    Really CurLz? And Lance Armstrong never used it either!! 

  • Dylan Aye 5 years ago

    Tiger never bulks up through supplements. He just increases his protein intake. He has said that himself.

  • Michael Festing 5 years ago

    the size of that dislike bar should never change

  • readygo242 5 years ago

    I miss Tiger woods from 2000-2001 in general. I was 10-11 at the time, and I remember seeing him in 2002 at Hazeltine, and was just so astonished by the sight of such an amazing and accomplished athlete.

  • angus4463 5 years ago

    Anyone ever notice that he was a better player then before he bulked up through HGH use?

  • Sam Halac 5 years ago

    canadien open dont recall the coarse

  • Sam Halac 5 years ago

    canadien open dont recallthe coarse

  • CiaranRooney125 5 years ago

    2000 Was Tiger’s Year, Epic Video As Always Man!