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Brad Cloke, Titleist Lead Technician reveals the secret to personalizing your wedges–tour style. This is the video that shows you how the tour pros stamp th…
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  • ryancrysler 5 years ago

    @chuugyGolf Of course. That’s why the “tour” comes home.

  • ChuugyGolf 5 years ago

    So when they travel the nation, you are allowed to get personal things done to your clubs?

  • ryancrysler 5 years ago

    The Titleist Fittingworks Tour Van travel the country! Visit #TeamTitleist on to check their schedule.

  • ChuugyGolf 5 years ago

    How do you get to do this?

  • ryancrysler 5 years ago


  • Max Hammel 5 years ago

    0:35 Pause it, he makes a funny face. Lol

  • bourland27 5 years ago

    I would be in heaven on that bus

  • MegaHondel 5 years ago

    What are the pens called?

  • cam21fr 5 years ago

    i did this myself with some metal stamps i had around and acrylic paint

  • mw2gunner61 5 years ago

    Elmer’s Paint pens. same brand as the glue. work great

  • Cameron Barber 5 years ago

    I just got my BV Customs in last week love them. Now I know how easy it is could I stamp my Scotty Cameron on the toe or would that effect the putter at all?

  • ryancrysler 5 years ago

    Search Google for the Young Brothers 1/8 stamps and you’ll find them at several hardware stores.

  • spenco71 5 years ago

    Where can u get the stamps

  • ryancrysler 5 years ago

    They are basically a standard brand paint pen available from Michaels or Home Depot.

  • stiffdogg06 5 years ago

    What kind of ink pens are those?

  • InsideTheStudioShow 5 years ago

    No effect!

  • ccr1087 5 years ago

    Does stamping the golf club have an affect on it?

  • Golfstriker19 5 years ago


  • InsideTheStudioShow 5 years ago

    Young brothers 1/8 size!

  • Golfstriker19 5 years ago

    What size stamps are those?

  • Golfstriker19 5 years ago

    What size stamps are those?

  • Jason Park 5 years ago

    thanks. I didn’t think so. At least I still have 3 vokey’s in my bag to try it out on!

  • ryancrysler 5 years ago

    Not so safe!

  • Jason Park 5 years ago

    I have a set of AP2’s, do you know if this is safe for those irons as well?

  • gocanucksfan123 5 years ago

    Hey guys, I’m in the market for some new wedges. I’m a high handicapper, but pretty good at chipping and wedge shots. Trying to decide between the Vokeys and this. Any suggestions or comments on how they compare? Thanks :)

  • Masterrumann 5 years ago

    Im playing a wilson sand wedge, something i picked off the shelf for a good price and a good club. I took the rtx for a test drive and apart from a slightly better feel and shape of the club, I definitely got the rtx on average to backup on a tight green about a few inches more than the wilson, which in make or break shots I can see where this would be useful. also the mill of the rtx does feel like it comes off the face nicer. all this of course in comparison to the cheap wilson.

  • Evan Bennett 5 years ago

    I LOVE practicing my short game… I’ve honestly spent 3 solid hours at the range just hitting all sorts of quirky little shots and putting :)

  • ram2412 5 years ago

    I love my Cleveland wedges. I am still using the CG14 Black Pearl…love everything about these wedges…when I do upgrade, I will be buying Cleveland wedges again!

  • Isaiah Stevens 5 years ago

    you must be hitting it wrong lol.

  • thedeloacher 5 years ago

    I have a pearl 588 rtx. Ive actually noticed higher ball flight and much more distance.. I’m 16 and I hit the 56 degree about 120 .. great investment

  • Steve Mitcham 5 years ago

    golfvouchers. blogspot. co. uk/ (remove space from link)
    Free vouchers to spend on golf stuff. Sponsored by PING!

  • Stacey Burgoyne 5 years ago

    Hey Mark, love the videos. I was wondering if you might do an in the bag 2013? Thanks

  • shredx81 5 years ago

    Have had a black 588 60 wedge for a year or so. Love it. Cleveland make great wedges.
    More recently bought an RTX 52 with the CB & enjoyed it at first, but now find it a pretty unforgiving club. Just doesn’t feel anyway near as soft as a blade wedge. Almost feels like you have to hit it out the middle to avoid hurting your hand. Pretty crap investment if i’m honest.

  • Paul Edwards 5 years ago

    As always the video is informative – question if not such a goodplayer – 20 handicap – looking for a new set of irons (probably the G25s) – should I consider different wedges or just take the full set from Ping?

  • ajh21313 5 years ago

    Spin rates would be higher using a urethane ball instead of a range ball!

  • austxbmx 5 years ago

    your spelling is rubbish.

  • Number9773 5 years ago

    He’s obsessed with mizuno and there absolute rubbish

  • bosevelt 5 years ago

    The black pearl 588 rtx is in the bag!

  • mark dearing 5 years ago

    Good on him for the swing fix videos but why has he got a Trackman & a Flightscope? He uses the Trackman but the Flightscope is just product placement. Flightscope either offered it to him & he’s trying to be “fair” to both companies or he’s squeezing them for coin as well. As long as we except this is a commercial exercise then enjoy. I know it’s comforting to hear him say nice things about the clubs you like but really he likes them all! It’s business.

  • 3rdgroove 5 years ago

    Well, I give you that Crossfield doesn’t sound as perky and excited as in his earlier videos. However, he hammers out 2 videos a day. He’s developed a routine, and if you don’t like it than don’t watch it. :-) What I like about his reviews is, that I feel he gives me his honest opinion. And what I like even more is, that he calls marketing BS when he sees it. Where else do you find anybody like that on the web?

  • Seistrup9 5 years ago

    A ha, well that’s why you asked. I was told directly by Cleveland, that all the new wedges is with S200 DG shafts in Europe.
    I also found the S200 way to weak, currently playing S400 in 53* 58*. Works pretty good, solid feel, but a bit too high flight for me.
    I will probably put the tour concept in the next set of wedges, They seem to go a bit lower, as you mentioned and I like that. At least for my swing, both on course and on trackman

  • Justin Martin 5 years ago

    in Australia they come standard with a tour concept shaft by dyanamic gold. The shaft has a higher kick point which is spose to lower the ball flight. When i hit the wedges the difference for me was marginal. My vokeys fly pretty low allready and i was wondering if the shafts did actually lower the flight for Mark? Obviously however if they come with stick s200’s the point is mute. s2’s are too weak for me, even in a wedge where it doesnt make that much difference.

  • Mich Nort 5 years ago


  • rangersTILLiDIE25 5 years ago

    Hated this club, I’ll be keeping my vokeys!

  • NobleStoneUK 5 years ago

    i fit clubs for a living and really enjoy Marks reviews. its difficult for him to give very strong opinions because there is so little difference in performance between the products of the major manufacturers. Even if a particular club doesnt suit him personally, he knows very well it would be perfect for someone else so theres no point slagging it off. This does mean all the reviews are a bit ‘samey’ with him saying ‘try it yourself’, which is all he can really do.

  • mark dearing 5 years ago

    If you think you are getting unbiased, informative advice watch this video “Callaway RAZR FIT Driver”. Callaway didn’t give him what he wanted. So let’s just say the review was a little slanted.

  • mark dearing 5 years ago

    It’s not “(Your) an idiot”, It’s “(You’re) an idiot” Robby. At least you got my name right, well done, thanks for playing. Enough of the name calling. I’m sure Mark Crossfield is delighted to have you in his corner. You shouldn’t jump to conclusions, I do play golf.

  • Mitchell Runcie 5 years ago