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Andrew Rice – PGA Teaching Professional In this episode of the TrackMan Teaching Series, Rice shows you how to produce that mid-range wedge shot that hits an…

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  • Christian Cunningham 3 years ago

    Andrew Rice is a boss.

  • brad stecklein 3 years ago

    good instructor! I just didn’t like his feet and shoulders so open for
    that type of shot

  • Trevor Hyde 3 years ago

    Excellent stuff. It’s so rare to get detailed help of this kind. Keep up
    the good work!

  • h71y6 3 years ago

    Saw this last week. Tried it on the weekend. Won moolah. Thank you! Awesome
    stuff and it’s gold!

  • Jonathan W Golf 3 years ago

    Fantastic video, absolutely love it. Andrew Rice is a true ‘expert’ on this

  • Top Performance Golf 3 years ago

    I’ve always taught my students to hit their 40-60 shots with a shallow
    angle of attack in an effort to eliminate ground interaction.

    This video from +TrackManGolf and Andrew Rice will teach you how to hit
    pitches with a baby draw. The draw will come from a shallow angle of attack
    and an in-out club path.

    #Golf #GolfInstruction #TrackMan 

  • cooker2003 3 years ago

    Great stuff. Wish more people could comprehend how to hit these shots.