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Night Driving by Golf Ad. Under Milkwood by Dylan Thomas is narrated by Richard Burton. I found out more at says it was shot by Noam Mu…
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  • Burak Kebapçı 3 years ago

    Tüm zamanların en iyi reklamıdır bence. Eskidi ama iyi olduğu gerçeğini
    değiştirmiyor. Şiir Dylan Thomas’a ait, seslendiren ise Richard Burton

    When was the last time
    you just went for a drive?

    i love night driving! #VW #LA #Golf #Advertorial

    OST Cliff Martinez – Don’t Blow It
    from Solaris Movie OST album.

  • ollihandro 3 years ago

    One of the best ads and an excellent nod to the serenity driving can
    sometimes bring. Poetry, cinematography and music all eloquently put
    together. Still sticks with me

  • Amanda Archer 3 years ago

    Anyone know the one with a man and a woman driving through the city, nobody
    is speaking and a very pleasing EDM style music is playing as they take in
    the sights?

  • Human Flea Circus 3 years ago

    MKV advertisements were THE BEST, hands down!

  • micahaguas 3 years ago

    this only in a mercedes instead

  • Susie Whitaker 3 years ago

    My favourite advert of all time

  • goldfall 3 years ago

    i have watched this so many times and i still get goose bumps when i watch
    it…it makes me want to buy a vw… :)

  • SobeDragon7 3 years ago

    Music is by Cliff Martinez. They transposed his song, “Don’t Blow It” from
    the album, “Solaris” The poetry is “Under Milkwood” by Dylan Thomas and is
    narrated by Richard Burton. This can be found in the video description.

  • HeatherPoltergeist 3 years ago

    Cliff Martinez – Don’t Blow It

  • appoNo1 3 years ago

    yes thank you! legend!

  • kerouac50 3 years ago

    I’m sorry, can we go back to the fact that it was called ‘the Rabbit’? What
    a ridiculous name!

  • CUNTENFUCKER 3 years ago

    Its the best part of Under Milk Wood shamelessly edited and cordialised to
    suit a contemporary pleb audience.

  • Fergal mc closkey 3 years ago

    It is Richard Burton reading Under Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas.

  • Hubscharber 3 years ago

    I miss the blue instruments, the newer ones have white leds.

  • Sla Ada 3 years ago

    I’ve seen it 4 years ago and it still makes me… i don’t know, nostalgic?
    Best video on youtube

  • yokumato 3 years ago

    A great example of how an ad can succesfully combine different art forms
    (poetry, music, film) in a coherent whole. I thought that the combination
    of the Cliff Martinez music and Burton’s declamation of Dylan Thomas was
    very impressive. Now the only thing left is to go for a drive at 3 am.

  • George May 3 years ago

    And all the people of the lowed and dumb found town are sleeping now…
    wow… that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end…

  • JacobFry 3 years ago

    Im begging of the public to help me find this track. The background music &
    the poetry. Absolutely brilliant, but can not be found for the life of me…

  • 007bondspy 3 years ago


  • mocyoung 3 years ago

    Dylan Thomas and Richard Burton. Two great reasons to be proud to be Welsh.

  • Neal Fassnacht 3 years ago

    Awesome ad. I love my Golf!

  • musicalprofessor 3 years ago

    Try Dylan Thomas, Under Milk Wood. This is a Richard Burton recital of
    Thomas’s poem.

  • krazyhartin 3 years ago

    @ezratoronto We do get cold and undrivable winters in Ireland, but around
    this time now it’s not too cold and starts to gets warmer for summer. Yeah
    it’s amazing how quiet it can be! I definately will do it again aswel
    buddy! :)

  • Andy Anderson 3 years ago

    There’s nothing better then putting on what ever music puts you were you
    want to be, hopping in your GTI and going for a night drive PERIOD.

  • karmelone 3 years ago

    cliff martinez – don’t blow it kocham tą piosenke

  • AJ DAILY VIDEOS 3 years ago

    i willl 100% sub you your the best

  • Jamesrocky3 3 years ago


  • Kamil Kropp 3 years ago