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Yeah… well… er… I hate this song… performed by basshunter… Just watch… Flash animated Close Hi, FuggedabouditNL! (0) Account History Help Log Out…

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  • Rubo Rentetia 3 years ago

    Electric rules nitro sucks

  • wildcatfan42 3 years ago

    Its not running that fast. Thats not the fastest in the world. You need to
    use less poor language. He just speed the video 2-3 times.

  • vannilaicefan 3 years ago

    electric sucks nitro rules

  • vannilaicefan 3 years ago

    nitro is awesome

  • JustinHuitema 3 years ago

    i know… NITRO SUCKS!!! electric RULES!!!

  • assassinwarz 3 years ago

    lol that is hsp SHIT that is the worst rc car u can buy all my friends
    bought hsp and they threw it in the fucking bin this GAS rc car couldn’t
    beat an electric car

  • Martin Quenneville 3 years ago

    the 45 km/h was scarry…. woooooiuuuuuu!!!

  • Looma Slumms 3 years ago

    fail car my fucking brushless traxxas slash could beat that piece of shit
    nitro car

  • luke barnett-browne 3 years ago

    u are a fool its no were neer the fastset in the world i have a bazooka u
    probly got the 21 well i got the 28 it went alot faster than tht

  • wrxsavvy 3 years ago

    it is the fastest in the world. He lives on mars!!!lol

  • madassgamer08 3 years ago

    that a hyper7 ??

  • ExtremeRider141 3 years ago

    thay are crap

  • RCBuggy100 3 years ago

    its just falfowarded

  • LunchBox0008 3 years ago

    nice car

  • JustinHuitema 3 years ago

    Nitro is ok

  • Jon Ocalan 3 years ago

    this was filmed with a potato

  • Steve Brunelle 3 years ago

    Nice !!! I like 😉

  • vannilaicefan 3 years ago

    looked like exceed forza? am i right

  • DowsOwn 3 years ago

    How much u payed of that?

  • dumkejohn 3 years ago

    World badest rc buggy

  • 1957Southpaw 3 years ago


  • Julian Gall 3 years ago

    electric is for pussies.

  • JustinHuitema 3 years ago

    Nitro is for idiots who want more work maintnance less speed alot less
    power and want to waste gas and money.

  • Zelidan 3 years ago

    Thats not even fast!

  • RADIOACTIVEBUNY 3 years ago


  • Danny Chau 3 years ago

    this is win to the nth degree. >:D

  • Andraz94 3 years ago

    I just need to install it again… didn’t have time before now…

  • FuggedabouditNL 3 years ago

    It sounded like it.

  • grishnahck 3 years ago

    nice idea, perhaps we could do something like that eh fugg?

  • angusp2 3 years ago

    keas are awesome! i am living in nz at the moment

  • FuggedabouditNL 3 years ago

    Glad you liked it!

  • LovinTheCats 3 years ago

    Most Enjoyable, So Far Enjoyed By All That Have Commented Me Included…

  • Andraz94 3 years ago

    oka thx (;

  • FuggedabouditNL 3 years ago

    Thanks Sach

  • alvan isaqt 3 years ago

    Omg,dude, that fucking rocked LMFAO I like the “If a statue in the park of
    a person on a horse has both front legs in the air, the person died in
    battle; if the horse has one front leg in the air, the person died as a
    result of wounds received in battle; if the horse has all four legs on the
    ground, the person died of natural causes.” Part. 😛

  • FuggedabouditNL 3 years ago

    Apperantly yes…

  • babybellaxxx 3 years ago

    what doesnt bush ruin haha. this is the first time he ended something.

  • Bart Erven 3 years ago

    GREEAAT! If I woz gay I luved you/

  • Andraz94 3 years ago

    bf ’42 intro 😀

  • Mandi Llama 3 years ago

    Hm. Iffy. But it’s all good.

  • FuggedabouditNL 3 years ago

    Thank you, glad people are liking it.

  • brickmelinda 3 years ago

    this is great, although I love this song. great misheard lyrics though! XD

  • Madsnipermike 3 years ago

    rofl bush face

  • FuggedabouditNL 3 years ago


  • FuggedabouditNL 3 years ago

    Actually the beginning from BF2 😉 Yes, good ‘ol BF1942 days…

  • GimmieURcookie 3 years ago

    I kind of don’t believe it, but i’m never eating a chocolate bar.

  • Shahiz Almonte 3 years ago

    fav’d, lol i was expecting some corny nerd shit, but this was actually
    really good.

  • Andraz94 3 years ago

    2gb ram, vista Home Premium, AMD turion 64×2 mobile TL-52… and I have
    enough space on the harddisk …

  • grishnahck 3 years ago

    i believe there is a function in movie maker that allows you to reverse

  • Anita Bee 3 years ago

    lmfao, that was hilarious.